Teaching Bloom Filters new tricks

Posted on Fri 25 December 2020 in posts

In this post we're going to discuss how to teach Bloom Filters new tricks. We'll start with examining Partitioned Bloom Filters and then look at ways we can generalise Bloom Filters to new and interesting uses. By the end of the post you will be able to use this generalised framework to come up with novel probabilistic data structures.

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Getting OCaml running on the ESP32

Posted on Sun 15 January 2017 in posts

End result

I was looking for some small Christmas stocking fillers to give to techie friends and decided to try to find some interesting electronics boards from China.

In the end, I went with the WEMOS Lolin32 Lite which features Espressif's ESP32. If you're not familiar with the ESP32, it's an awesome …

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